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NOAKEL® Optional Devices



リモコン ロック NOAKEL の 無線 距離 を 延長 する 為 に 必要 な 機器 です.

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リモコン ロック NOAKEL の 無線 距離 を 延長 する 為 に 必要 な 無線 中継 器 です.

Extension (. Might be shorter and the environment obstacle) about 15m outlook wireless distanceYou can be. It is possible you are adding up to four. (Operation using a relay by radio relay time, please understand it takes time until the reaction than normal operation.)

EXC-7170D official specifications

電源 AC adapter DC12V/500mA
Current consumption Standby time: Approximately 10mA messenger: about 25mA
通信方式 無線電波方式
無線距離 About 15m outlook
Sending a letter of time After about 10 seconds: Set 1: about 1 second after setting 2: about 4 seconds after setting 3: about 7 seconds after setting 4
※ The setting can be switched by DIP switch
Dimensions 130(H)×65(W)×26(D)I do not include mm ※ antenna
Weight I do not include about 0.13kg ※ AC adapter
使用温度 0~40℃
使用湿度 0RH (no condensation) to 80 percent